Nutrition and wellness for all. 

Give the Gift of Health

Does anyone you know suffer from:

  • Fatigue and low energy
  • Digestive issues (bloating, gas, constipation)
  • Brain fog
  • Joint pain
  • Water retention
  • Anxious or low mood
  • Low patience, quick to snap
  • Feeling hangry often
  • Unexplained weight changes
  • Weight won't budge no matter what you try
  • Increased susceptibility to colds / infections
  • Dull skin or loss of skin vibrance
  • Feeling rundown or burned out 
  • PMS
  • Loss of libido

Maybe they could use a health check-in.

Maybe they feel great but want to maintain or optimize that.

Maybe they just want to try a different approach - a new health paradigm that truly sees and honors them.

Maybe they are curious to see things from a functional perspective.

If you said yes to any or all of the above, keep reading.

I know someone who could benefit!

Metabolic Health and Weight Loss Plan

Improving metabolism and cholesterol, balancing blood sugar, and reducing inflammation

Why a program focused on metabolic health? “What even is that?”, you ask!

Your body is a well-oiled machine that keeps everything running smoothly. The engine in this machine is your metabolism, and it's responsible for turning the food you eat into energy, like fuel for a car. This impacts your cholesterol, blood sugar, inflammation levels, and so many other things!

When your metabolism is in good shape, you have energy, it’s easier to maintain a healthy weight, and other important functions like digestion and immune system strength are better too. You also have better health biomarkers like balanced lipids, normal blood sugar, and lower inflammation levels.

But when your metabolism isn't functioning well, it's like having a sluggish engine in your car. This can lead to problems like feeling tired all the time, struggling to lose weight, being irritable or having low mood, getting sick more often, and potentially even more significant health issues down the road like diabetes and heart disease.

I created this plan because metabolic health is all about keeping your body's engine running smoothly and efficiently. It's like giving your body the best fuel and maintenance to ensure it runs at its best for years to come. When your metabolism is in top-notch condition, you feel better. It’s just that simple.

If you've felt like no one understands or has really listened to how you feel or if you've never understood why you feel how you feel, then you are in the right place.


We're going to look at this in a different way, this isn't a fad - we're digging in and slowing down to truly understand what YOU need and how to get it. Let's put the power back in your hands. This may be the different health paradigm and care philosophy that you have been searching for...where you are seen and heard.

What is included?

I'd like to give the gift of health

No fifteen minute time slots here! You’re getting a whole hour devoted to you and your health, a deep dive into what’s going on inside your body, and an education on what it all means.
Access to private supplement store! All supplements aren’t created equal, quality matters, get access to high-quality professional-grade products at a discount.

Advanced assessment of body systems to help provide insight into specific imbalances impacting your hormones, weight loss goals, and metabolic health overall. 
1:1 hourly session with Sara
Access to Sara's Fullscript dispensary with a 5% discount 
Advanced Assessment
A customized protocol based on your results
This includes personalized supplementation, nutrition, and lifestyle recommendations: No guessing about what supplements to take or what foods you should focus on - recommendations based on YOU and what you actually need.

  • A 100 page truly comprehensive Hormone Weight Loss Nutrition eBook JAM PACKED with information, clinically researched education, videos, and featuring nutrient-based recipes & meal plans for balancing hormones & fat loss. This eBook is worth the price of the plan by itself! Details below.
  • Options for additional support including deeper dive into topics like food sensitivities, gut health, hormones, genetics, etc. or Health Coaching for implementation, stress, sleep, nutrition, habits, etc. 
  • Access to Sara's Private Practice Portal. 

The Hormone Weight Loss eBook

tell me about the ebook

Nutrient-based eating for hormone weight loss focuses on clinically researched nutrients and the top whole food sources of these nutrients which promote weight loss and hormone balance. You will learn how to use specific nutrients found in whole foods which follow the 4-focus system of:

• Focus 1 – Appetite Hormone Control
• Focus 2 – Fat Storage Hormones
• Focus 3 – Fat Detoxification Hormones
• Focus 4 – Fat Burning Hormones

This hormone weight loss nutrient-based dietary program can help support the following types of conditions and issues:

• Weight Control
• Belly Fat
• Insatiable Appetite
• Slow Metabolism
• Fatigue
• Stress
• Headaches
• Mood Swings

• (4) Weeks of Meal Plans & Grocery Lists
• Delicious 30-Minutes or Less Recipes
• Food Swap & Food List Guides
• Serving Size Portion Tips
• Whole Food Nutrient Lists
• Videos
• 100 Pages of Clinically Researched Content and Recipes
• Step-by-Step Eating System

What Is Nutrient-Based Eating for Hormone Weight Loss?
Who Can The Hormone Weight Loss Nutrition Plan eBook Help?
What’s Included in The Hormone Weight Loss Nutrition Plan eBook?